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Geetha Govindam

గీత గోవిందం

Vijay Govind, a young college lecturer who dreams of marriage falls for Geetha, a level-headed woman who’s wary of strangers and isn’t easy to convince. While things seem to go smoothly, Vijay makes a terrible mistake which not only derails any hope for his love story, but also potential repercussions with his family.

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  • Jeba - 12 December, 2020


  • Jaya - 06 January, 2019

    Thank you so much for posting this movie. Beautiful hero and heroine. Best romantic movie ever. Rashmika looking like an angel.

  • Ash - 28 November, 2018

    Can someone Please Add Subtitles, I have waited for this movie for 3 months to have subtitles..:(

  • Daishwari96 - 23 October, 2018

    Nice movie